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Nude I run the field bullets pen my space
On a blazing night cold hands fortify their base
Holding on to my dreams, eyes open wide
May the land bless you all, and leave me blind

You may reach for the sky
I dive in the wide
Deep in the silence of water
The world is fine
Under water brown or crystalline

No place no color, water
No trace no soul or body, water

Once I sailed the sea on a paper boat
Captain of my ship, the only fool to roam
Days and nights I sailed on a siren’s song
Woke up on a shore forsaken long

Poseidon drunk with might
Stepped on an urchin’s spine
Rather than ending my life
The ocean saved
With every beat of it’s heart
A mighty loving wave

No place no color no form, water
No trace no soul or body, nor time water
No place no color, no east, west up and down water
No trace no soul no race or body or from, no where now here, water

Only breath
Only a human breathing
Up and out of the ocean
I swim I drown
In water brown
In water blue or brown
In water brown or


from Farewell Beirut, O Scarlet Tramp, track released February 22, 2010



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Sami Basbous

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