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Late at night, devil-scent
The ghost of love came and went
Left a love-bite, a souvenir,
For a while to remember

I play along with your spell.
Knowing it cannot serve me well.
Raise a worthy fight steal a kiss
Shortly so I surrender.

In the morning light
You’ll turn into a dream
Stripping me of all means
To confirm you
So I live for the night
The coma where we belong
When I’ll hum to your song
Morphia streaming

Ooh super!
Solemn stupor!
Love is crystal mirror clear
Ooh super!
Solemn stupor!
Offer valor to my fear.

Like the sea, so bounds the night
With a keeper moon lending light
Sound waves set out on drowning the blues
Widowed souls come to know you

The dawn of bedlam drums
Quell the wail bite the bone
Stone the heart, bleed the urge
Awe alarming
That ours were looted nights
Shadows adverse to touch
Cups we could never fill
Sighs escaping

Rather said, ample done
Yearning hearts keep a silent gun
Kindling solitude with venomous drops
Threatening dear life with romance

Sami Basbous


from Farewell Beirut, O Scarlet Tramp, track released February 22, 2010



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Sami Basbous

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